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Sunday 16th October


We are revising the website and it will be updated in the next few months and will be updated monthly thereafter.

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For A more comprehensive list of local events , not necessarily organised by the Carms Riders Group  please visit our forum. This tends to be updated faster than the website.

DECEMBER 2009 Newsletter is now available online.


Karen Burch is the BHS Access Officer for Carmarthenshire. Karen has set up the Carmarthenshire Riders Group which is continuing the work of the old Carmarthenshire Bridleways Action Group, but also approaching the decision makers in both local and National Government to open the many byways and unsurfaced highways that are currently not available to us.


The Carmarthenshire Riders Group aims to work with other partners to create safe on and off road access for horse riders and organises fun rides to raise funds to contribute towards these improvements. We also lobby local and national government for better access and to raise issues that affect horse riders, giving horse riders a voice alongside walkers and cyclists. We run charity rides for the charities close to the hearts of our members in order to increase awareness, our membership numbers, and to give us a stronger voice when lobbying for better access for riders throughout Carmarthenshire.


Promote safe riding Open available rights of way Highlight equestrian numbers and the contribution made to the Welsh Economy Promote the need for consideration in local government planning/development Establish satellite/local groups to ensure all riders benefit from the group. Objectives Lobby decision makers for funding to improve the bridleways, byways and unsurfaced highways for safe off road riding. Survey all available routes and provide statistics to support funding applications.


Membership of the CRG will be £5 annually, running from JANUARY 1st. Membership forms are available by clicking the JOIN NOW button on the left.  


Help us - Help You

To get a good network of bridleways requires a great deal of time and work by us, the council, landowners and YOU. If you want to ride safely we need information about routes that you have ridden or have heard of. If possible take a walk on the route and take some photos. Get other riders, past or present, to write in as well. The more support we have, the easier it is to help you. Problem Routes

If you have a ride you enjoy click Your Rides to email it to us.




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